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Cardio Tennis TV

Introducing the New Cardio Tennis TV Channel!


  • View video clips on all segments of a Cardio Tennis session including warm-up, drills, games and cool down plus Cardio Blasts.
  • Learn how to properly deliver Cardio Tennis activities from the TIA Global Cardio Tennis trainers.
  • This channel is for educational purposes therefore all videos are demonstrated with players of all ability levels, fitness levels and ages including rookie tennis enthusiasts to teaching professionals.
  • Experience the energy, body language, enthusiasm and voice projection of the Cardio Tennis pro (feel free to turn down the volume).
  • Although music is one of the 6 components of Cardio Tennis class, you will notice generally there is no music in the videos as it distracts from the learning purpose.
  • Print out the activity diagram for each video clip.
  • The Cardio Tennis TV Channel can also be viewed from your smart phone or tablet.

To gain access to the Cardio Tennis TV Channel you must first be a Cardio Tennis Authorized Provider (CT AP). Each CT AP will receive a special invitation to be able to view all the activities and topcis covering all phases of the Cardio Tennis workout.

Click Here to learn about becoming an Authorized Provider


Take a look at the types of videos and material accessible to you through the Cardio Tennis TV Channel.


Line Feeding

Dynamic High Five

About Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is a fun group activity for anyone at any playing level looking for a fun way to burn calories & interact with others outside of the gym.

Cardio Tennis is a high energy fitness activity that combines the best features of the sport of tennis with cardiovascular exercise, delivering the ultimate, full body, calorie burning aerobic workout.