Seth Redelheim

1930 Bobby Jones Drive, Johns Creek, GA, USA, Georgia, United States 30097

Seth has been delivering amazing CardioTennis experiences for over 9 years.  He was previously part of the largest CardioTennis program in the world while coaching in Chicago, IL.  During that time, he was involved in the creation and development of the Level 2 CardioTennis certification, contributing new games and new methods to the official CT curriculum, and becoming among the first coaches in the nation to be certified as a Level 2 Instructor.

Within 1 year of moving to Atlanta, Seth had established the largest CardioTennis program in the city and had trained numerous pros in the area on the CardioTennis methods and delivery.

He continues to push the benefits and the advantages of CardioTennis, and has used his experience to bring the fun and excitement to more players!

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